Key Features

SonicPics is feature-rich. We have thought through how you will want to create and share your stories to make it simple.

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Sample Uses

SonicPics is a versatile app that allows you to express yourself easily. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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In the Classroom

Engage your students and capture what they are thinking and learning.

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Key Features

Create Slideshows

Create slideshows quickly and easily.

Add Images As Slides

Use the images on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad or take new ones to use in your slideshow.

Record Narrations

Record a narration for your slideshow. SonicPics synchronizes your images to your recorded audio.

Intuitive Interface

SonicPics is simple to use. As a user put it "It's clean, simple and intuitive."

Playback Recordings On Your Device

Play your recorded slideshows on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Supports Video Out

Project your images as you record and then share the recording on an external display.

Universal App

SonicPics now runs NATIVELY on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

SonicPics Engages Students.

SonicPics image cascade

SonicPics is a very easy to use tool for turning your images into custom slideshow movies that you can share with your friends online! SonicPics lets you add images from your iPhone's photo library or camera, arrange your photos, and then narrate the project to create an enhanced m4v video (complete with chapters).

Take photos of your kids, special events, weddings, vacations, the new pet, or first day at camp and narrate them with SonicPics!

Narrate your photos like never before, flipping to each image as you are ready to talk. You choose the timing. SonicPics makes it easy to make slideshow movies on your iPod touch or iPhone.

When the recording is complete, publish your movie to your YouTube account or to your computer (wifi required).

Sample Uses

  • Digital Storytelling
  • Class field trip
  • New baby
  • Lecture recording
  • Creating mini-presentations on the road
  • Out with friends
  • Travel Logs
  • Conference notes
  • Honeymoon
  • Museum tours
  • Photo tours
  • Language instruction


  • Create Audio books
  • Lab notes
  • Insurance claims
  • Accident documentation
  • Medical diagnosis / dictation
  • Land surveys
  • Real estate tours
  • Home shopping
  • New town experiences
  • Staff introductions
  • Helping boyfriend study names/faces before meeting girlfriend's family.